Faith with Excellence.

We serve Muslim teenagers in building their Muslim identity, connecting with the Masjid, bringing them closer to Allah and living Prophetically.

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About EPIC Youth

Mission: EPIC Youth exists to serve Muslim teenagers in building their Muslim identity, connecting with the Masjid, bringing them closer to Allah and living Prophetically.


Vision: To prepare every youth in the East Plano community to become a confident, practicing Muslim and leader who is guided by Islam’s values and teachings.

Meet The Team

Farzan Parupia

Youth Director

Maleeha Modi

Sisters Youth Coordinator

Hanzala Shekha


Sami Hameed


Nehal Shahriar

Brothers Representative

Iman Sattar

Sisters Representative I

Mayasa Munir

Sisters Representative II

Faizaan Hossain

Education Chair

Mustafa Syed

Outreach Chair I

Aiman Rahman

Outreach Chair II

Zeeshan Parupia

Marketing Advisor

Ramadan 2019 Programs

Theme: Building & Cultivating Relationships a.k.a. Suhbah. 'Abdullah bin Salam (RA) reported: I heard the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) saying, "O people, exchange greetings of peace (i.e., say salaam to one another), feed people, strengthen the ties of kinship, and be in prayer when others are asleep; you will enter Jannah in peace." [At-Tirmidhi]

Loving the Beloved

30-Day Video Series to Commemorate and Increase in Our Love for the Messenger (PBUH)

3-5 minutes/day for 30 days from Nov 12th - Dec 11th. 

Who: Primarily for youth ages 13-25, but anyone can benefit

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EPIC Film Festival

Friday, November 30th, 5:30-7:45 PM

Who: Open to the entire community, brothers and sisters of all ages

Where: East Plano Islamic Center (downstairs multipurpose hall)


Girls' Basketball Night

Friday, November 30th, 8:00-9:00 PM

Who: IACC vs. EPIC Girls, ages 14-18

Where: Islamic Association of Collin County (IACC), indoor basketball court

Frequently Asked Questions

Our primary focus is serving youth in middle and high school (ages 13-18). Most of our programs cater to this age group.

Secondarily we serve kids ages 9-12 (with the help of the EPIC Children's Committee) and college students ages 19-22. We occasionally have programs that cater to these age groups.

No, EPIC Youth does not have a formal membership. All youth who live in the East Plano community and attend EPIC are considered the general body of youth, and they may participate in EPIC Youth programs.

However, individual programs do usually have registration. You must register to attend that program.


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